Friday, September 30, 2005

Judge Taking Parental Role with Children

It’s a start at least. Texas state district Judge Lauri Blake has prohilbited one 17-year-old girl from having sex as part of her probation. The judge in Sherman, Texas, has also prohibited body piercings, tattoos, earrings and clothing associated with drugs from people on probation. She has told female lawyers not to wear sleeveless shirts or show cleavage in her courtroom also. What would the people from CSI do if they had to testify in a case in her courtroom? Call for makeup and the director to protest? It’s too bad that a judge has to do the job that children’s parents either refuse to do or who are just too lazy to do. There are too many Britney Spear’s clones out there already that engage in acts and attitudes that will evetually ruin their lives. Not every black can play in the NBA and not every slut is signed to a recording contract.


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