Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Reasons to Donate Money for Poor Children

People believe that hunger and poverty exist only in developing and under developed nations. However, this is not true. There is still a lot of poverty in developed countries like the US, UK, France, etc. A lot of children in the developed nations do not get sufficient food to eat, proper clothing, health care services and education.

Why is it necessary to donate money for poor children?

• Poor parents or No parents - One of the reasons why one must donate money for poor children is because their parents cannot afford to provide them a decent living and upbringing. Also there may be some children who do not have parents to look after them and take care of them. While there may be orphanages to look after them, however, even the orphanages rely on help from government institutions or the public for funds to raise these children.

• Stop Child Abuse - One of the major reasons for child abuse is poverty. There are incidences wherein parents are unable to meet their and the family's needs. In such cases the parents may sell off their children. These children may then be a victim of different forms of abuse namely physical abuse, sexual abuse, emotional abuse or neglect.

• Educate and empower - Every child has the right to education but many children are deprived of it because either their parents cannot afford to send them to school or even if there are government schools that provide free education the children are made to work by their parents. Donating funds may not be the only solution to this however it is still very necessary as the same funds can be utilized as a cash scholarship or reward that is given to students on completion of their education. The parents would also encourage their children in such cases as they would know that the children can earn while they learn.

• Self dependent - An educated child will be able to take informed decisions and can build a career that will make him self-dependent once he grows up. And who knows if the same children who got help in their childhood later go on to help several children like themselves.

• Control the crime rate - Children who are deprived today and do not have the necessary education may get indulged in activities that are illegal. Helping these children to channelize their energy to grow to become good citizens is everybody's responsibility. This would not only help the children but would also help the society by lowering the possibilities of these children indulging in illegal activities.

• Eradicate Poverty - As mentioned earlier also poverty is the cause behind a lot of social evils. By donating money for poor children one can help eradicate poverty and minimize social evils to quite some extent.

If you are looking forward to contribute towards child welfare then there are a lot of options available. Right from donating funds to opting as a volunteer. You may research about the same on the Internet and choose the way you would want to contribute to it.
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