Monday, November 14, 2005

How the Mighty Have Fallen

Cheney now seven points behind the public beating of children

Bush's approval rating has fallen to 35. Maybe America is starting to realize that secret prisons and endless war aren't really the best government we can possibly hope for.

Dick Cheney, in the same poll, has a 19 percent approval rating.19 percent.That's two points less popular than cheating on your spouse and seven points behind corporal punishment in schools (scroll down).That's down in what can be politely called lunatic territory.

These guys probably couldn't care less about stupid polls. They've made so much money in their time in "public" office they could probably buy their own countries, sit on the back deck every evening sipping martinis, and laugh at the whole world.

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Brent Roos said...

Hey Michael, are you sure that you hate the liberals? This sounds like liberal talking points to me.

Or perhaps your Michael Savage brainwash has taken affect.

Whatever happened to your blogsome blog? It has been deleted.

What's the matter? Have you become a lib? That is disturbing. You used to write some decent conservative stuff.

I can't say I blame Bush for what's happening. While I will say he has made some mistakes on some things, what makes me most ANGRY is the fact that there are so many wishy-washy supporters of the President and the country in general. Badmouthing the sitting President, while we are currently at war, is not a very good way to be a decent American if you ask me.

What's worse, is that the liberals who run the mainstream press are effectively shaping and molding public opinion with their little polls --that is if we are to believe the accuracy of them, which I don't. I am much smarter than that; to fall into the vacuum of their mind-molding B.S. brainwash.

What happened, Michael? I thought you and I were on the same page, but boy was I ever wrong.

I'm not a political hack. Hell, I'm not even a Republican. I'm a conservative. I wouldn't say that Bush is a conservative, but I will say this: I feel that America should support the president, especially while at war. And never forget, that we were thrust into war by an unprecedented attack

You disappoint me.

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