Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Saturday Night Live Reject....

Alan Skorski, author of "...Pants on Fire: How Al Franken Lies, Smears and Deceives," turns the tables on Franken, a self-described "truth teller," setting out to prove not only are conservatives and Republicans not the demons the Air America host characterizes them to be, but that it is Franken himself who is "shamelessly deceptive and using the very tactics he accuses his targets of employing."

Saturday Night Live is O-V-E-R, Al. It's time to grow up and G-E-T R-E-A-L! All of your colleagues have grown up, moved on, and left you behind. Get a grip, for heaven's sake!

Alan Skorski has researched the facts regarding the allegations in Franken's last two books, monitored his daily radio show, spoken with people cited and referenced in Franken's books, and exchanged approximately 30 e-mails with Franken in order to provide readers with an accurate insight into how Franken thinks and operates. What Skorski finds is something very different from what Franken claims, and he concludes that, unlike many of the petty "lies" Franken writes about in his books—whether Bill O'Reilly's Inside Edition show won a Peabody or a Polk award or whether Ann Coulter said that she and Franken were "friendly"—"...Pants on Fire" reveals that Franken himself regularly lies, smears, and distorts what others say and do, ultimately discrediting himself as a "truth teller."

Indeed, according to Skorski, while Franken has called many people—from Rush Limbaugh and Brit Hume to President Bush —a "liar," "hypocrite," "cheater," "lazy," "shameless," and/or "dishonest," "...Pants on Fire" amply illustrates not only that many of his claims are false but that Franken employs the very tactics he accuses the right of using.

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