Friday, November 11, 2005

From Buzz Flash comes this Wisdom of the Day

There’s an article over there entitled, Rewriting the History of the Iraq War. Here the author lists 20 lies concerning the Iraq war and condemns Bush and Co. for dragging us into it and posts this ‘editorial’ to Bush and Son:

These were all lies, but were all given as truth by your administration, which was eager to go to war and enact your grandiose schemes for the Middle East. You repeatedly lied to us, and now over 2000 of our brave sons and daughters are dead, to say nothing of 50,000 or more Iraqis.

While your Administration is being investigated for crimes, and being charged for your crimes, you have the audacity to place the blame on others while hiding from blame yourself. As the cover-up grows, and as the deceit reaches higher and higher, the tough questions must be asked, and we must push for the truth your White House refuses to bring forth.

I personally will not rest until this nation gets the answers about this war that it deserves.

Donald L. FeinbergNaperville, IL

It just goes to show how stupid you are, Donald L. Feinberg. You actually expect truth from the government!? I wonder how FDR got us into World War II. And don’t forget the first black president, Billinsky Clinton. Would you please define “is” for us?

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