Friday, November 11, 2005

Speaking of Marines...

Ahmard Hall # 46

Hall is currently in the inactive reserve, but could be recalled to duty at any time, and he knows it. But when he finishes his degree, his opportunities are limitless, and might even include a chance at professional football.

Right now, he is the Longhorns’ high profile representative as a statement to patriotism. When the Texas Legislature honored the team for its Rose Bowl Victory, Hall was one of two players they asked to come to the House floor to accept the award.

As a Veteran’s Day project last year, Hall helped the Longhorns organize a drive to provide care packages to the Marines in combat.

The Big 12 gave their award to a guy who is a real American hero. He is a dedicated husband and father, an unselfish and caring teammate, and a proud Marine.

They say “the Lord helps those who help themselves,” and Ahmard Hall has certainly done that.

But what we know most of all, when it comes to “watching over” folks, Ahmard Hall is both a participant, and a recipient.

When David Little left Iraq, he sent an e-mail to friends and family.

“I cannot leave this place without remembering those who will not return,” he wrote. “Both friends and Marines and sailors I did not know shed their blood and gave their lives here. They believed in what they were doing. They took a stand and made a difference with their lives, and are to be respected for that. They stepped up and faced death so that others would not have to, and they are to be honored for that. And, they gave of themselves selflessly so that my children and yours can play in the yard, go to school, and live their lives without the constant fear of an attack from evil terrorists. They are to be thanked for that.”

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