Monday, October 31, 2005

Efforts of Bloggers to be Recognized

This is an email from Accuracy in Media I received this morning.

On November 2nd, Accuracy in Media will present the first annual “REED IRVINE INVESTIGATIVE JOURNALISM AWARD” to the “Rathergate” bloggers, whose pursuit of truthful news coverage began the process of unraveling the CBS anchor’s web of forged documents and false reporting about the President’s National Guard service.

This prestigious journalism award will serve as an ongoing tribute to the legacy of Reed Irvine’s achievements in the field of media criticism, and we believe it will eventually become a rallying cry for factual accuracy in media.

Reed Irvine’s conscientious efforts to expose misreporting attracted legions of supporters, and paved the way for today’s alternative online media. Inspired by his example, AIM continues the campaign for fair and objective news coverage by exposing and publicizing serious cases of dishonest news reporting, and correcting the media’s errors.

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